It is essential to have a website for a small business

Here is why

Are you a small business owner who doesn’t have a website yet? Then you could be late for the online race. Currently, more than 50% of the world’s population uses the internet for their daily work, and if you are not online, it could negatively affect your sales.

Surprisingly, many entrepreneurs say they do not need a website as they are already on social media. However, social media rarely gives the trust and the validity that a business requires. You can use social media as a marketing tool for your products. But it can never replace a website dedicated to your products.

You do not need the skills or time to develop and run a website. You can easily hire a website developer or a virtual assistant to do that for you. It may be a bit costly initially, but you can gain more benefits within a short time with increased sales. Also, developing a website saves your telephone bill and time required to write emails or message customers related to product details.

So having a website for your business is a worthy asset. Here are some excellent reasons to have a website.

1. A website makes you more credible

A website is like a gentleman in a suit. It shows the professionalism and readiness of the business. When you develop a website, people start to take your business more seriously, and it gives a place for people to check the company’s authenticity.

Internet users mainly trust a business with a website more than a business without a website even though it has social media pages. By creating a great website, the company can give an excellent first impression and improve the customers’ confidence.

Think having a website is like having a local shop. Customers prefer businesses with local shops rather than home businesses, as it shows you are in serious business. Similarly, when you have a website, it establishes your credibility.

2. Customers expect a business to have a website

These days people automatically look for a website to learn more details of the products and pricing, even on the social media pages devoted to the business. If the customer cannot find the website, they may think that the business may not be active, not trustworthy, or outdated. So, they may go for other companies that offer similar products.

3. Gives space for branding and to have credibility

You can have an official email address with your company name as the domain by developing a website. It gives the business more credibility in advertising than Gmail or yahoo domains that anyone can create.

Also, it gives you your own space to advertise and promote. Usually, businesses on social media must follow the rules and regulations of the leading service provider (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, TikTok). However, you can brand your business and advertise it as you wish on your website. You can add a logo and customer reviews, and you don’t have to pay for advertising because your website itself is an advertisement.

4. A website attracts more customers and visitors to the business

When someone searches for a product, the search engine shows the websites that sell the product, and then the customers can click and explore more details. If you have an SEO- optimized website, the search engines display your website on the top results, attracting web searching customers. This way, your website gets more traffic, and more traffic means more business.

5. A website makes it is easy to be up to date

If you don’t have a website, people will constantly call you and message you regarding product information and prices. You must invest a considerable amount of time in communicating basic inquiries. But when you have a website, you can add all the product information, FAQs, or even chatbot, and it will help customers learn product details before contacting you or visiting the store for purchasing. So, you can reduce the time and effort on answering inquiries and invest the time to focus on the business growth.

If you make some changes to the brand, products, or services, you only need to update the website and communicate the changes to your customers easily. This way, a website helps you to be up to date.

6. A website makes it easy to connect with social media

A website is the best way to connect with social media. You can add your website address in the description of Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok, or you can link your online shop to your social media account. However, having only social media pages for your business does not work as only 21% of people search on social media while 40% of people directly search through a search engine.

Also, through the website, you can direct customers or visitors to social media sites, and they can write their reviews mentioning you regarding your service. Remember that social media is just a good marketing tool for your business and not your official representation. Your website always will be your official representation.

7. To sell products and services online

Most businesses move online and create websites with the start of the pandemic and gain more profits. Now clients are accustomed to online buying, and they will continue to go online even after the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Here is your chance to make it worth it by adding online shopping to your website. Then your customers can buy products with just a click from the comfort of their homes.

8. A website can keep you up in the competition

These days all your competitors have websites, and they are thriving online. So, you cannot sit and wait for your customers to find your business. Staying in business without a website will slow your growth.

Hurry up! It is never late. Go online with a website to stay ahead in the business game.

9. It makes your business 24x7 open

Can you sit in your local outlet for 24 hours? It is not practical to hire a 24-hour hotline for a small business. Still, your business works as a 24×7 business, and customers can find information, purchase, place orders, or make inquiries even at midnight or on public holidays. You only have to attend them as soon as possible.

10. Go international with a website

Going international certainly makes good profits and a good brand reputation. You can use third-party selling sites such as eBay, Alibaba, Etsy, etc.; if you can link the products to your website, that improves the trust and validity of international buyers.

Restaurant or coffee shop owners may think this is not for us. Of course, you can’t sell worldwide. BUT, when foreigners visit your country and try to find a good place to eat or grab a coffee, they indeed search online. There you go. A website helps you to conquer the world, whatever your business is.

Time to go online

Now it is time to re-think if you still do not have a website. If you already have one, develop it more strategically to attract more customers. Do SEO or update it today. Running an UpToDate attractive website is essential to expand the customer base. Research shows that 70% of Americans only search online for products and services. Think about the world that awaits you. Your customers are waiting. Your business is about to blast with orders and clients. All you need is to set up an excellent website. Get your website online today.

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Imasha Mahakumara
Content writer and a social media marketing manager for Teragon Solutions.