Don’t Wait Until You Get Laid Off - To Start Your Own Enterprise!

Times are uncertain for everyone. We hear of tens of thousands of people getting laid off daily. In countries where employment is at will by both parties, this means that today could be your day to get dispensed of. Or, perhaps it is not. 

Are You Safe Where You Are?

There is often much assurance in the number of years of committed service and loyalty that we give our employers through the best years of our professional lives. A sense of certitude in job security, a challenging job role that keeps you inspired, mutual respect, and fringe benefits that far surpasses the remuneration package you are proffered often vouch for the fact that you are safe where you are right now. And you probably are.


Explore Other options

The safer alternative is always to hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Regardless of the assurance you may feel right now, don’t let the uncertainty of tomorrow catch you off guard. Be prepared, be self-contained to an extent that external forces have the least impact on your sustainability. In that sense, the best possible position you can find yourself in, should you get fired today, would be to have your own business to go home to!

But how easy is that?! Contrary to widespread misunderstandings on the subject, it is rather simple and easy to get your side hustle going while being employed full-time. Many of the well-established entrepreneurs today, did start off their businesses while being employed full-time elsewhere, myself included.
It is not as complicated as it sounds – all you need is a well planned course of action, diligent effort directed towards achieving your goal, commitment to the cause and some upfront investment. You just need to start somewhere, and keep going at it, till it reaches the level of maturity for sailing its own course.  

Where Do I Start?

Assessing your available options is always a good place to start. How you utilize the skills unique to you, mobilize your assets and make the most of the time available to you, could give you a definitive advantage over the rest in the challenge. 

Start with what you know, with what you are good at. Most often this is the very proficiency you are trading off at your present employment. You therefore do not have to give in additional effort in acquiring new skills. 

Next comes the time factor. Where do you find the time to do the same job twice over?! Think another way, you are already giving your time for another in your routine 8-5 job. That is, you are already trading your time for money. It only makes sense then to work at trading some extra time for a little more money. A little more money every day till you make enough to invest back in the growth of your business. Until one day you make ample to be able to afford letting go of your employment contracts with other employers completely! 

Help within Reach!

Sprouting off as a side-hustle in itself, Teragon Solutions today provides a variety of services to businesses starting up on their own amidst time and resource constraints. Our team of expertise can help you arrive at the most suitable solution customized for your exact requirements, and provide backing in areas where you may lack the required proficiency. 

We undertake professional branding services for businesses complete with creating logos, themes, custom websites, web stores, etc. Our digital marketing team can boost your numbers while we also provide assistance with social media setup and management across different platforms. Talk to us today, so we can get you started on your business right away! 

by Viraji Ogodapola